We are pleased to announce that Kellett will be setting up Kellett Outreach for disadvantaged children within Hong Kong. Many children from deprived backgrounds are unable to access education fully and have many barriers to their learning.

Kellett Outreach will run on Saturdays. We aim to enable 120 children from ages 6 to 14 years old to join the programme. Students will be offered Academic lessons (Literacy, Numeracy & Science) in the mornings and Enrichment Activities (Sports, Arts, Music, Drama and Computing) in the afternoons.

This is a fantastic opportunity for the school to have a wider impact on our community and educate the Kellett community about inclusion and minorities. Our talented staff assisted by students and parents will lead the lessons. The UNHCR will provide a series of lectures to teachers and students, informing them about the struggles these minorities face daily.

Children will be put forward for places on the programme by their relevant NGOs and caseworkers. Kellett Outreach will create a stepping-stone for children to join our Bursary programme at Kellett.

We look forward to giving you more updates on Kellett Outreach and the partnerships we have created with NGOs.